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The Agricultural Revolution in Moldova: Moldovan agriculture adapts to climate change

Moldovan agriculture faces significant challenges posed by climate change, and the Ștefan

Vodă district, severely affected by prolonged drought in recent years, has become a pioneer

in adapting to these changes through the use of innovative technologies and sustainable

agricultural practices.

On June 16, 2023, Oleg Scutari and brothers Andrei and Vasile Dânga, active members of the Conservation Agriculture Practices (CAP) Community, collaborated to develop and implement advanced technologies for cultivating rapeseed and winter wheat. These technologies are based on conservative principles, such as maintaining permanent soil cover through the no-tillage method and crop rotation.

The significant number of members of the Conservation Agriculture Practices (CAP)

Community, along with the increased interest of over 100 farmers in the region who

attended the event, demonstrates a growing awareness of the need for adaptation and the

importance of implementing sustainable agricultural practices.

Present at the event, Mihail Rurac, a doctor of agricultural sciences, congratulated the

project authors and farmers for their joint achievement, extending sincere thanks on behalf

of the Conservation Agriculture Practices (CAP) Community for their valuable contribution

to supporting adaptation efforts and implementing innovative technologies in agriculture.

By embracing innovation and fostering collaboration, Moldovan agriculture is learning to adapt to climate change and overcome all challenges it presents.

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