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About us

We are an online community in the Republic of Moldova, comprised of passionate farmers who aim to adapt agricultural practices to climate change to minimize losses and increase production yields. We focus on creating a learning and collaborative environment, offering our members a range of valuable benefits.
Our online community facilitates continuous learning and exchange of experience among farmers, providing them with the opportunity to adapt and thrive in the context of climate change. Through these benefits, we are determined to support farmers in the Republic of Moldova in finding efficient and sustainable solutions that help them overcome climate challenges and achieve superior agricultural yields.


Enjoy a range of exclusive benefits as a member of our community! Here are some advantages you will have:

  • Ongoing training and exchange of experiences with fellow farmers.

  • National and international expertise in conservation agriculture practices.

  • National and international expertise in organic agriculture practices.

  • Digital library with literature, films, case studies, and many other resources.

  • Dedicated communication channel for women interested in climate change adaptation practices.

Through these benefits, we ensure that members of the Community have access to quality information, expertise, and support in their journey of adapting to climate change. Join our community and discover a strong network of dedicated farmers and valuable resources that will help you develop and optimize your agricultural practices.

Image by Raquel Pedrotti

If you are a dedicated farmer who cares about our future, you have chosen the right path! In our community, we firmly believe that adaptation is the key to success in the face of this global phenomenon. We invite you to join and be part of a group of motivated and dedicated individuals who come together to confront climate change. Together, we can find innovative solutions and effective strategies to protect our crops and sustainably increase agricultural yields.

You are warmly welcomed into our enthusiastic and determined community!

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