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Exceptional Event in Climate-Smart Agriculture: Environmental Legislation for Farmers

The Community of Practices in Climate Smart Agriculture organized an informative event that brought together women in agriculture, members of the community. The event, titled "Environmental Legislation for Farmers," moderated by national gender expert Nina Lozinschi, provided an opportunity for female farmers to learn and discuss crucial topics such as water law, waste law, and chemical substances law.

With over 50 years of experience in environmental legislation, expert Mihail Mustea had the honor of sharing his valuable knowledge with the attending farmers. Discussions covered key aspects of legislation, giving participants a better understanding of the impact and responsibilities imposed by water, waste, and chemical laws.

Nina Lozinschi, the event coordinator and national gender expert, emphasized the importance of such gatherings in the development of the female agricultural community: "These events are an opportunity to make women's voices more secure and heard because information is essential. The community of practices in climate-smart agriculture is a space where we can learn and share experiences to develop collectively."

Mihail Mustea, the environmental legislation expert, conveyed a clear message to the attending farmers: "I am here to help you formulate issues correctly, to understand the legal framework, and to find comprehensive answers to your questions. The 30 laws we need to know cover essential aspects of environmental protection, from land and water to green spaces, flora, and fauna, all under the state's protection, managed by local public authorities or privately owned."

Female farmers had the opportunity to ask questions, receiving immediate answers, facilitating a deeper and more applicable understanding of environmental legislation in the specific context of agriculture.

The Community of practices in climate-smart agriculture continues to actively engage in facilitating a constructive exchange of knowledge and experiences, thus promoting sustainable development and awareness among women in the agricultural sector.

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