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Sustainable Agriculture Conference: Seeking Solutions for Climate Change

In a close collaboration with the Cahul District Council, the Community of Practices in Climate-Smart Agriculture organized a vital seminar for farmers, addressing the challenges of climate change with determination and the need to develop pragmatic solutions. With a significant turnout, 45 farmers, including 3 women, gathered to discuss and find answers to the challenges they face in adapting to the new climate realities.

Mihail Rurac, the Moderator of the Community, emphasized the importance of active involvement from farmers in finding sustainable solutions. "The farmers' participation is encouraging and represents a significant step towards building a more resilient and sustainable future in agriculture. We are here to support each other and collaborate to develop innovative methods."

During the seminar, various challenges highlighted by farmers were emphasized, focusing on the need for adaptive solutions:

Farmers shared concerns about the "lack of cover crop seeds," and Mihail Rurac encouraged a proactive approach, suggesting they assess their stockpiles and use leftover seeds from previous years.

Additionally, the "lack of local scientific research" was underscored, and farmers generously offered their lands to facilitate research in conservative agriculture.

A distinct concern raised by farmers was the impact of sheep herds grazing after crop harvest, leading to "soil exposure and compaction." Farmers appealed for community support in finding solutions to this issue.

Mihail Rurac concluded, "It is a crucial moment for our community to mobilize and find solutions together. Through the exchange of ideas and active collaboration, we can build a stronger, more adaptive, and sustainable agriculture for future generations."

The Community of Practices in Climate-Smart Agriculture remains dedicated to supporting farmers in addressing climate challenges and promoting innovative and responsible agricultural practices.

Cahul, January 26, 2024

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