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Sustainable Agriculture - The Key to success in the Global Warming

On March 31st, the seminar "Spring Work Organization, Technologies for Cereal and Legume Crop Growth. Sustainable Agriculture - the key to success in the conditions of global warming" took place. The event was organized by the Department of Agriculture and Cadastre, and the participants were agricultural producers from the district.

The seminar was moderated by Mihail Rurac, a famous promoter of sustainable agriculture and PhD in Agricultural Sciences. This meeting had a productive nature, offering participants the opportunity to make suggestions and proposals based on the complex information presented by the moderator.

An important aspect addressed during the seminar was the possibility or impossibility of applying the No-till technique in the specific conditions of Sîngerei district, characterized by heavy soils. All participants agreed that radical changes in soil processing are necessary, and there is no other way to preserve its fertility. The effects of global warming are becoming increasingly evident, and carbon emissions continue to rise, exposing us to greater threats in the future, such as violent storms, strong winds, torrential rains leading to soil erosion, and others.

Discussions in the seminar emphasized the importance of adopting sustainable agricultural practices and modern technologies in the face of current and future climate challenges. Participants understood that changes need to be radical, and adaptation is essential to ensure the success of agriculture in a world affected by global warming.

In the current context, sustainable agriculture proves to be the key to success, contributing to the protection of the environment, maintaining soil fertility, and ensuring viable and sustainable agricultural production.

Also, during the event, farmers were encouraged to join the Climate-Smart Agriculture Practices Community to learn from each other through study visits to farmers' households implementing Conservation Agriculture, as well as through seminars and online activities.

Through organizing this seminar, the Department of Agriculture and Cadastre demonstrated its commitment to the development of sustainable agriculture and provided a conducive framework for the exchange of knowledge and experience among agricultural producers. Together, farmers from the district and experts in the agricultural field can build a better future, adapted to climate challenges and oriented towards sustainable and efficient agriculture.

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