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Community of Practices in Climate-Smart Agriculture: Inspiration and Experience Sharing for Farmers

Chisinau, August 30, 2023 - The Community of Practices in Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) hosted a deeply informative webinar today, focusing on the crucial subject of climate change adaptation through cover cropping. The event brought together a diverse group of farmers and agriculture professionals.

Moderator of the CSA Community of Practices, Mihail Rurac, emphasized the importance of this webinar, highlighting how essential it is to understand and apply appropriate methods to address climate challenges. He also mentioned that information and experience exchange are key to advancing towards sustainable and climate-adapted agriculture.

The pivotal moment of the event was the presentation by international expert Alexei Perepelita, an agronomist with extensive experience in sustainable farming practices. Perepelita shared with participants how he embarked on his journey into no-till farming practices in 2013. In a region plagued by drought, Perepelitsa realized the negative impact of soil tillage and encouraged farmers to seek innovative solutions based on minimal soil disturbance.

The principles of creating and maintaining soil health were presented through the lens of climate change adaptation and the establishment of sustainable agroecosystems. The necessity of cover crops and how they can benefit soil and yield, cultivation technology, mixtures, and termination methods resulting from the speaker's research sparked immense interest.

The expert underscored the importance of living roots for cultivated plants to withstand drought, presenting concrete examples of farmers who achieved successful harvests through this approach.

Another significant theme highlighted by the expert was crop diversity and the importance of adapting to specific soil and climate needs. He mentioned that there's no miraculous solution and that farmers need to try and experiment to find the right approach for their situation.

Webinar participants expressed their gratitude towards the expert. They noted that the presentation sparked heightened interest and generated significant questions, contributing to the evolution of agricultural practices towards sustainability and climate adaptation.

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