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Besarabian Technological Forum: Conservative Agriculture in the Battle Against Climate Change

On April 28, 2023, in the town of Ștefan Vodă, the first edition of the Basarabean Technological Forum took place, gathering an impressive number of entrepreneurs, politicians, delegates from municipalities in the Republic of Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine, as well as experts from various fields. The event represented a unique opportunity to explore innovative and sustainable technological solutions for the agricultural sector in the face of climate change.

Present at the event, Mihail Rurac, an expert in Conservation Agriculture and Moderator of the Community of Practice in Climate-Smart Agriculture, spoke to the participants on the topic: "Conservation Agriculture - A Sustainable Approach to Adaptation in the Face of Climate Change," during which several relevant subjects were discussed.

One of the central topics was the link between climate change and Conservation Agriculture as a sustainable approach to adapting agriculture to these changes. Thus, the importance of this type of agriculture in the face of climate challenges was highlighted, and it was explained how the principles of Conservation Agriculture can help farmers adapt more effectively to these changes, reducing negative environmental impacts.

Another significant moment in his presentation was the story of farmer Veaceslav Ciornâi, considered a pioneer of Conservation Agriculture in the Republic of Moldova. Mihail Rurac emphasized how Ciornâi successfully implemented conservation agricultural practices and achieved remarkable results in the specific climate conditions of the region. The success stories of Moldovan farmers in adapting to climate change and implementing conservation agricultural practices demonstrated the viability and effectiveness of these approaches.

Likewise, the construction of the first no-till seeder for the country was discussed. This technological achievement represented a significant step forward in the direction of conservation agriculture, providing farmers with a viable solution for cultivation without plowing, which contributes to soil conservation and erosion reduction.

Participants were curious to learn about the Community of Practice in Conservation Agriculture, and expert Rurac highlighted the farmers' intentions to expand the area cultivated in Conservation Agriculture in 2023 by more than 20,000 hectares, underscoring their desire and commitment to promoting sustainable agriculture.

The presence of farmer Valeriu Belotcaci in the room provided significant support for the technologies promoted at the forum. Belotcaci, who successfully implemented Conservation Agriculture on an area of over 3,000 hectares three years ago, became a clear example of the benefits and successes of this approach in practice.

The Basarabean Technological Forum in Ștefan Vodă represented an important step toward the sustainable development of agriculture in the region. Through presentations and discussions led by experts and practitioners in the field, the event highlighted the potential and advantages of Conservation Agriculture in adapting to climate change and opened new opportunities for sustainable agricultural development in the Republic of Moldova.

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