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Small farmers will be involved in the implementation of Conservation Agriculture

A new initiative in agriculture aims to support small farmers in the Republic of Moldova. Members of the Community of Practices (CoP) in Climate Smart Agriculture have agreed to collaborate with agricultural machinery importers to provide small farmers with suitable seeders for the no-tillage technique.

The project gained momentum through the involvement of a specialized agricultural machinery importing company that was open to contributing to the development of sustainable agriculture in the Republic of Moldova. On December 1, 2023, three experienced farmers from various parts of the country, with rich expertise in the field of no-tillage, conducted an initial visit to the town of Strășeni, where the company is headquartered.

During the meeting, the idea of a collaboration was outlined to give small farmers access to optimal seeders for the practice of no-tillage, a modern and sustainable agricultural technique. Through the joint efforts of CoP in Climate Smart Agriculture members and agricultural machinery importers, essential criteria for selecting no-tillage seeders were established, ensuring they adapt perfectly to local conditions and ensure efficient sowing.

This initiative is based on the desire of the involved parties to collaborate for the benefit of farmers, contributing to efforts to adapt agriculture to climate change. Additionally, the groundwork for continuous consultations between farmers and importers has been laid, which is set to be implemented in the coming period.

We are grateful to the farmers involved in CoP in Climate Smart Agriculture and the managers of the agricultural machinery importing company for their dedication and contribution to adapting agriculture to climate change. Through such partnerships, we aim to facilitate farmers' access to modern and sustainable technologies, thereby strengthening the future of agriculture in the Republic of Moldova.

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