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Seminar in Rascani: Women Farmers Encouraged to Adopt Climate-Smart Agricultural Practices

In a sustained effort to promote adaptation to climate change and encourage the involvement of women farmers in sustainable agriculture, a significant seminar took place in Rascani, in the Council Hall of the District. The event, organized in collaboration with the Rural Business Women's Association, aimed primarily to encourage farmers to implement measures for climate change adaptation and join the Community of Practices in Climate Smart Agriculture.

The seminar was opened by Natalia Guțu, President of the Rural Business Women's Association, who emphasized the need for adaptation to climate change and maintaining business profitability. "It is essential to be aware of the impact of climate change on the agricultural sector and to encourage the application of sustainable practices to ensure the viability of our businesses," said Natalia Guțu.

Mihail Rurac, the moderator of the Community of Practices in Climate Smart Agriculture, discussed crucial aspects related to climate change and the importance of adaptation for farmers: "Women farmers play a crucial role in implementing climate-smart agricultural practices. Adapting to climate change is an ongoing process, and collective knowledge and experience can significantly contribute to the resilience of agriculture."

An integral part of the seminar was animated discussions about the efforts of farmers in the Republic of Moldova to adapt to climate change and the specific challenges they face. Participants had the opportunity to ask questions and learn from the results obtained by farmers from various regions of the country in the conditions of the year 2023, regarding the application of conservative agricultural practices.

The seminar represented a vital platform for the exchange of ideas and best practices in the field of sustainable agriculture, highlighting the importance of collaboration and community initiatives in the face of climate challenges.

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