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Mihail Rurac Introduces Climate-Smart Ag Practices at National Farmers' Federation Assembly

At the General Assembly of the National Federation of Farmers held on March 22, 2023, Mihail Rurac, a Doctor of Agricultural Science and specialist in Conservation Agriculture, was a special guest and delivered a dedicated presentation on the Climate Smart Agriculture Practices Community platform.

During the event, Mihail Rurac addressed topics of major importance, highlighting the results of over 20 years of global scientific research that demonstrate the negative effects of soil tillage. To adapt agriculture to climate change, it is essential to keep the soil permanently covered, utilize techniques such as no-tillage, and cultivate a wide diversity of crops through crop rotation, intercropping, and cover cropping.

As an expert in Conservation Agriculture, Mihail Rurac encouraged the attending farmers to abandon traditional soil tillage practices and join the Climate-Smart Agriculture Practices Community. He discussed the advantages of this approach, including the opportunity to learn from advanced farmers practicing Conservation Agriculture and benefit from the results achieved through this method.

Through the presentation of the Climate-Smart Agriculture Practices Community, the expert emphasized the importance of knowledge and experience exchange among farmers and highlighted that joining this community represents an opportunity to accelerate the process of adapting to climate change in agriculture.

As a result, the farmers present at the General Assembly were encouraged to adopt a new perspective in soil management and to join the community to improve their agricultural methods and successfully confront the challenges of climate change.

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