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Advantageous collaboration between farmers and the local agricultural machinery manufacturer.

On Saturday, October 1, 2022, in the city of Balti, at Moldagrotehnica S.A., the first meeting between producers of local seed drills and farmers who are members of the Community of Practice in Climate Smart Agriculture took place. The meeting is the first activity of the long-term cooperation project of the local agricultural machinery manufacturer. The meeting discussed the need to develop and produce a seed drill for no-till conditions for small and medium farmers. A topic of major importance was the joint establishment of minimum technical requirements and the range of crops to be sown with the future seed drills. The parties expressed their conviction that only jointly, through consultations, participation in tests, and maintaining a permanent dialogue between seed drill producers and farmers, will it be possible to create an indigenous seed drill that will meet the most demanding requirements of farmers under the drastic conditions imposed by climate change. The first tests of the eventual seed drill are planned for the spring of 2023, which will take place in farmers' fields.

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